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Kenny Belaey is a Belgian trialbiker, riding for over 25 years now. During those years he crowned himself to UCI medals record holder and many more..

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Kenny Belaey

Kenny Belaey

Homepage of Kenny and Wesley Belaey

Kenny Belaey

Kenny Belaey

Kenny Belaey is a Belgian trialbiker, riding for over 25 years now. During those years he crowned himself to UCI medals record holder and many more...

Thanks to his titles, professionalism, style and ability to interact with the crowd Belaey is one of the biggest names in the bike trials world scene. The Belgian has been at the cutting edge of his sport for more than 17 year now, achieving his first 26 inch UCI Elite crown in 2002.

Kenny is always proactive in promoting his sponsors and his sport as well. The last couple of years Kenny has been traveling extensively to perform shows all over the world, making appearances on TV and working with photographers and journalists to create trial features for the world’s leading bike and sports magazines.

Belaey started in competition in 1992, inspired by his dad Ronny who was a big motor and trials fan. Hard work, athletic skills and fierce natural talent started to pay off soon. In 1996 he made his international debut in Spa-Francorchamps coming home fifth. Another two year later (1998) he claimed his first cadet world champion title. He wrote history in 2000 when he won the Junior Worlds in both 20” and 26”. Kenny continued to make a name for himself by dominating the 2005 and 2006 seasons, taking back-to-back world titles. He even made it a ‘triple’ in 2005 racking up the World, European and World Cup overall titles. His ability to clear seemingly impossible obstacles and pull off amazing saves has earned him the nick name ‘The Magician’

More than anyone he’s pushing to help developing the sport and reaching a more mainstream audience. Early on in 2009 Belaey has set off on a five-week global trek crossing from Spain to England, Cleveland, California and Hawaii in the US. His encounters with biking legends places and athletes influencing the sport will be the backbone of a forthcoming TV series to be aired on the ‘Extreme Sports Channel’. Featured sporting celebrities include: Toni Bou (moto trials star), Dave Mirra (X-games BMX legend), Hans Rey and Ot Pi (bike trials pioneers), Danny Macaskill (Scottish street riding ace) and many more.

In 2011 the 4th and 5th episode will go on air for Belgian TV and the Extreme Sportschannel, showcasing his adventures during a road trip through South Africa.
In 2011 he also decided to organize the UCI world cup rounds in Belgium, having the biggest media outcome in the history of the sport with live international TV coverage...

From 2012 onwards after a wrist injury he realised how fragile it all is and decided to even work harder than before and came back stronger than ever. He started focussing more on big projects in the USA and is now riding shows at events such as the NBA games, rode over a slackline in the French Alps which reached over 200 million people worldwide and manages his European Action sports road show with the Pedal to the Medal crew, supported by leading brands such as Red Bull, Adidas and Volkswagen reaching thousands of people every year.

Because a sports career is fragile and short Kenny is always searching for long term projects which all form the Belaey brand so when the day comes there is a plan B. That can only be achieved by making the right decisions at the right time and by working hard every day. The Casa Belaey real estate program is another example of that, these houses are designed and built in the South of Spain to go and train with biker colleagues, to rent out to other sports people who want to train in the sun and to have a retirement plan ready.


  • - named after American motorcycle legend Kenny Roberts

  • - became the first ever UCI professional bike trials rider in 2003 with the ‘Topsport Vlaanderen’ cyclingteam

  • - loves rock and metal music, wants to improve his guitar skills but lacks time for practice!

  • - cites Belgian trials legend Thierry Klinkenberg (his first trainer) among his big influences together with Hans

    Rey, Cesar Canas and Ot Pi

  • - his younger brother Wesley is also a world class bike trials rider

  • - father Ronny is one of the best trials competition site builders

  • - has performed in over 25 countries: Belgium, USA, Poland, Croatia, France, Spain, Holland, Portugal, UK,

    Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Hong-Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Nigeria, Australia,

    Japan, Oman, Pakistan, Maldives, South Africa, Ghana and Ivory coast.

  • - made two Trials focused videos ‘Zero Tolerance’ and ‘The ambasadors’

  • - he likes all forms of bicycle racing, even in the off season he’s known to take MTB holidays. He went to Mali in

    winter 2008 for an adventurous experience, rides enduro competitions from time to time

  • - on September 21st, 2009 he sharpened his Guinness world record for most 180° rotations in a minute (35)

  • - Is the UCI riders representative and has introduced some big changes the past 10 years with the help of all riders.

  • - Has appeared in several national & international TV shows

  • - First trials rider who was nominated for Belgian Sportsman of the year (top 10). Tom Boonen mentioned his

    name amongst top 3...

  • - First rider who managed to have his own Tv show on the Extreme sportschannel reaching 55 countries and

    over 23 million households.

PROFILE Kenny Belaey

Nationality: Belgian
Bike : My Bike
Date of birth: 26/01/1983
Hometown : Bellem (Aalter)
Marital status : Fien Lammertyn
Length : 1m 79
Weight : 79 kg
Website :


Sponsors : Red Bull, My Bike, Adidas TERREX, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Continental Tyres, Garmin, WD-40, Adidas Sporteyewear, Hope Technology, Sapim, Qoleum.

Trial since: 1992
Competition debut: Leuven, Bierbeek
Nickname : ‘The Magician’

Car: VW Transporter T5 + VW Crafter

Career tally

2016: Bronze medal World champs in Italy / NBA shows / release of the Pedal to the medal show with shows at WRC rally of Wales and Porto and many other prestigious events.
2015: BALANCE project: World first by riding over an 18m long slackline at 2700m altitude over a 112m gorge in the French Alps / Bronze medal at the World champs in Andorra / NBA shows
2014: Bronze medal World champs Norway, Silver medal European championships Poland, NBA shows
2013: NBA shows in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco / global TV appearances / TV commercial for Volkswagen cvi / Come Back of the year winning bronze after injury / Laureus ambassador nomination / Launch Tshirt merchandising
2012: Appearance in the Olympic Samsung TVcommercial feat. David Beckham / Big injury held him back for the rest of the season, still bringing home a bronze medal at the worlds. 2011: Appearance in the biggest global Adidas commercial ever. ALL IN / European champion / 2nd World cup overall / 2nd World championships / Volkswagen advert / Red Bull mobile advert.
2010: show for the prestigious Laureus awards reaching millions of viewers in 180countries/ WORLD CHAMPION/ European championship 2nd/ World cup 3rd
2009: World Cup overall winner / Bronze European championship / Silver Worlds
2008: World cup Barcelona winner, World Cup overall runner up (all in 26” class)
2007: World Cup overall winner, 3rd in Worlds, Belgian champion, world record ‘180° rotations’ (all in 26” class)
2006: World champion, European champion, Belgian champion (all in 26” class),
2005: World Champion, World Cup overall, European champion (all in 26” class), 2004: World Cup overall, 3rd in European championship (all in 26”class)
2004: world cup overall
2003: World Cup Overall, 3rd in Worlds, 2nd in Europeans (all 26”)
2002: World champ (26” class)
2001: Junior world champ & World Cup overall (20” klasse), 3rd in Junior Worlds & Belgian champ (26”)
2000: Junior world champ 26”, European Junior champ 26”, junior world champ 20”, Belgian Elite 20” and 26” champion + world cup overall
1999: Cadet world champ 20”, Belgian elite Elite 20” champ
1998: Cadet world champ 20”, 3rd in European 26”, Belgian Junior champ 26”

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